Become A Brand Ambassador! 

Looking to make some quick and easy cash? Our new Ambassador program is so simple that you could earn as much as 500 dollars in a short amount of time.

We’re searching for talented, outgoing, and ambitious individuals who could spread the name of SnackHabit to American-based companies. Think you’re up for the task?


We are a B2B (that means business-to-business) snack delivery service located in New York City. What we do is provide personalized snacks to companies across the country, making sure every box is jam packed with different flavors, brands, and health requests.  We’re looking for some outgoing individuals who know how to make a pitch to join our Brand Ambassador Program!


It’s simple! An ambassador will receive a special promo code whenever they sign up. Their job is to then market SnackHabit to anyone that they think could be interested in snacks for an office environment. The ambassador will provide them with the code that gives 20% off first time subscriptions, and viola! They just made some quick cash! For each person that signs up with SnackHabit using that code, the Brand Ambassador will receive 100 dollars in commission. The more people you get to sign up, the more money goes your way! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

  • You will be promoting healthy products- no guilt involved!
  • Excellent work experience!
  • Helping increase productivity in offices or groups!
  • With SnackHabit, you have total control as to how you want to promote our services. You can post on social media, spread the brand via word of mouth, or whatever creative ideas may come your way!


When you sign up, you’ll get an email with your code. Don’t worry, it’s not a robot, so you can reply with any questions you may have or request a different code. After you have your code, that’s when the fun begins. You can do anything to get the word out! We want you to have total control. The program is really about you doing whatever you’re comfortable doing. The best way to utilize social media is to be as creative as possible.  Things like videos, ads, hashtags, direct messaging, songs and photography have all been used by previous ambassadors. All we ask is that you simply use the code #SnackHabit2017 with every post on social media. You’ll be getting email updates with material to post as well! 

  1. Start researching companies in your area, preferably HR departments (if you are overseas, look for companies in NYC).
  2. Reach out to them either through email, calls, or social media to tell them a little but about what SnackHabit is all about! Don’t forget to mention that studies show that snacking during work hours helps improve productivity by at least 12%.
  3. Share your code with them.
  4. Give us a shoutout on social media with the tag #SnackHabit2017!

Note: we do send out sample boxes, however, we only provide them to individuals who (1) run a blog for review (2) work in Human Resources or lead a fitness team. We do not send sample boxes to ambassadors.


Yes, you can work as an ambassador overseas. We have ambassadors from all over the world including (but not limited to) places like Canada, Ireland, England, India, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Croatia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Portugal, Peru, France, Greece and Chile.


Brand Ambassador Sign Up
This is to ensure that your check will be mailed to the correct location.
Payment is dependent on user sign-ups. All Ambassadors are free to market SnackHabit as they see fit in compliance with the laws of their state. Ambassadors are entitled to quit the program at any point in time.